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Posted: 25th June 2015

Dear friends, customers, supporters,

This past weekend, the Wellspring Bookshop in Bloomsbury closed after a presence of more than twenty years. During the run-up to the closure (enforced by pending re-development of the area in which we were located), the Trustees held a series of meetings to make decisions regarding our future.

The first decision we would like to announce is our firm intention to establish a new premises in London in due course.

Our second decision is that we shall first take something of a break from having a ´presence on street´. This will enable us to both focus some time on building up our online activities (the online shop will continue throughout, without interuption) and also have a period of taking stock and re-orienting with regard to how we can best serve our objective of sharing and spreading the inspiration of anthroposophy in the challenging environment of the 21st Century.

During this interim period, it is also our intention to continue to publish anthroposophical newsletters, and to stage talks and events, and will be in touch with news of these things when we can.

Meanwhile, our thanks as ever for your support and shared interest in truth and humanity.


The Trustees of The Wellspring Boookshop


For all correspondance via post our address is:

Wellspring bookshop,
Unit 1028, Folkestone Storage,
104 Foord Road,
Folkestone, Kent
CT19 5AB