Aspects of Human Evolution

by Rudolf Steiner

The author shows that the natural development of the soul stops at around the age of twenty-seven. After that, nothing happens for our inner being unless we learn to make it happen. Part of the tragic nature of our time is that more and more people allow their soul life to die at twenty-seven, so that the remainder of their life becomes a kind of mummification. Rudolf Steiner explains how, by exerting our thinking and feeling, we can keep our soul alive and growing. This is ultimately the only way we can make this incarnation a satisfactory one. Through such effort, we can continue to develop inwardly until a very advanced ageā€”each year, becoming richer and more interesting than the one before. Here is a book that gives real meaning to the idea that we live in a state of becoming!

ISBN: 9780880102520
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
Format: Paperback